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With the HWAM 2600 series, the Danish designers Henrik Sørig and Tobias Jacobsen have created another beautiful stove series which is grand in elegance yet small in size. The airwash system keeps the glass clean and ensures that the fascinating fire can be enjoyed through the curved glass pane in the cast-iron door.

HWAM 2620

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All HWAM stoves have an easy and unique closingsystem, which ensures that the door fits tightly

The door is constructed so that it opens and closeswith a steady, balanced vertical movement. When closing, the door glidessilently into position and completely seals the opening.

The system confirms HWAM’s high technological andinnovative level. When it is opened, the vertical gliding movement of thelift-lower door minimises turbulence in the combustion chamber so that ash isnot whirled up and blown into the room. Convenient for you as it reduces theneed for cleaning around the stove.

A wood-burning stove with HWAM® Autopilot ™ ensuresexcellent combustion – for the benefit of the environment and your firewood consumption- without any manual regulation of the air supply.

Here at HWAM, we have been working with sheet ironfor more than 45 years, and we know what advantages it provides for ourcustomers.


No oxygen, no fire. It’s that simple. That is why aconstant flow of air to the wood-burning stove is needed to create clean andeffective combustion in your HWAM.


All HWAM wood-burning stoves are convection stoves. This means that thewood-burning stove quickly emits heat after lighting.

The heat is transferred by a natural air current,and not by heat radiation. This results in a pleasant indoor climate and auniform temperature throughout the entire room.

Another advantage is that the outer cap of thewood-burning stove does not become especially hot. This is to say thatfurniture can be placed quite close to the wood-burning stove.


Dancing flames are both fascinating and relaxing.Furthermore, flames are beautiful in all phases from the initial lighting tothe burning of coals.

A HWAM wood-burning stove is designed foruser-friendliness throughout the duration of its service lifetime.

The user-friendliness of a HWAM wood-burning stovemeans:

  • The automatics system ensures that the wood-     burning stove is easy to light.
  • The user does not have to spend time adjusting     the air supply.
  • Automatic adjustment to the optimal,     environmentally friendly combustion.
  • Consistent heating level throughout the entire     combustion period.
  • An execellent fuel efficiency.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • No unpleasant odours.
  • Very easy to clean.

High Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Class
Cleanburn & Airwash
Nominal heat output and range
5Kw (2-6kw)
Dedicated External Air Kit
Smoke Control Area Approved as standard*
Wood burning & Multi-fuel models
Convector Stove
Optional longer legs
Ecodesign Ready
Cast Iron & Heavy Gauge Steel
Flue outlet - 5” top or rear
6" Flue Outlet